Lovol - eng

The Trgomen Mechanization offers a large selection of Lovol tractors, suitable for work in the field, in the field, in the garden, orchard and vineyard. Depending on your needs, all you have to do is decide how powerful a tractor you need. Our range includes tractors from 25 hp to 130 hp.

It is also important to decide whether you want a tractor with or without a cab. The cabin is there to provide you with complete protection from external factors, chemicals that are sprayed, as well as to provide you with safety during the execution of works. Along with tractors with a cabin, the basic price usually includes additional equipment such as radios, electric wipers and the like. By clicking on an individual product – a picture of the tractor you are interested in, you will come to a specification where there are details and accessories included in the price, but also the one available for purchase.

Tractors with cab that we offer: LOVOL 454 II, LOVOL 504 II, LOVOL 1304 – III, LOVOL 904 III, LOVOL 754 III, LOVOL 354 III, LOVOL 454 III LOVOL 504 III, LOVOL 604 III. Tractors without cab we offer: LOVOL 504 N, LOVOL 254 II.